You Know Who


Stranded 11/14/2014

You Know Who was found on Boca Chica during a cold spell on South Padre Island. He has very severe injuries due to a possible boat impact. His carapace is heavily fractured in several places. Screws had to be placed in the larger fractures in order to keep the shell together. Shell wounds are very severe and can be very difficult to heal. He is recovering in ICU.

January Update: You Know Who continues to recover in ICU. He is starting to show interest in food but the cracks in his carapace are still very unstable. He remains in critical condition.

February Update: You Know Who is now eating on his own. He has zip ties on his back to keep the bones stable and the wound is starting to heal. He is no longer in critical condition!

June Update: YKW's wounds are healing well and he has been moved to a rehabilitation tank. He is cleared for release!

Released 7/29/2015