Stranded 11-23-2016


Toco is a 16 pound Atlantic green juvenile that was found entangled in fishing line with the rod still attached. The fishing line was wrapped so tightly around his right front flipper, that the flipper could not be saved. While undergoing surgery at Gladys Porter Zoo, several Fibropapilloma tumors were also removed.

Toco is being treated with antibiotics, fluids, vitamin B and laser therapy treatments at the amputation site. He has recovered well from the surgery and is out of ICU and recovering in an outdoor rehabilitation tank.

December Update:  Toco's sutures were removed on 12/10. The area appears to be healing well. Toco is receiving cold laser therapy and has been eating well. He is swimming with PJ, Jet, and Key.

January 7, Update: Toco had surgery at the Gladys Porter Zoo today!!! His body is tumor free! He will continue to receive cold laser therapy.

February 14, Update: Toco is still receiving cold laser therapy at the site of his amputation, and alas, very small tumors have become noticeable around the eyes. He will be scheduled for surgery soon. On the plus side, he is now at 18.1 lbs.

February 22, Update:  Eye tumors are mostly gone!!!! Thank you Dr. Tom!

March 22, Update: Small regrowth noted on 3/20. He will be scheduled in soon to remove.

April 20, Update: Toco had surgery to remove the regrowth tumor. He will be scheduled in soon for tumor removal around the eyes.

May 18, Update: Toco has recuperated from his last surgery. He is now at 23 lbs! He will be scheduled for another round of surgery soon.