TintStranded 5/23/2015

Tint is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found on the south jetties of South Padre Island. Tint has severe lacerations to his right front flipper and lard wounds on his plastron (bottom shell) and neck. The reason for his injuries are unknown but seems to be a predator attack. Tint is currently recovering in our ICU.

June Update: Tint will most likely need to have his right front flipper amputated due to the severity of his injury.

July Update: Tint is undergoing laser treatments every 3 days at the Gladys Porter Zoo. His wounds are healing well, but he seems to have no use of his front right flipper so amputation is still being considered. He continues to recover in the ICU.

August Update: The laser treatments worked wonders on Tint! His wounds have recovered and he has regained use of his front right flipper. It will not have to be amputated!  Tint has been moved to an outside rehabilitation tank. He will be released before the end of 2015. 

Released 9/19/2015