Sweet Caroline

Stranded 05-14-2017

Released: 06-13-2017

Sweet Caroline is a 4.5 lb juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle that was found trapped deep in the rocks at the Mansfield Cut which as at the very north end of South Padre Island. A family noticed this turtle was stuck and alerted one of our interns, who was patrolling the beach that day for nesting mamas. Together they were able to successfully free Sweet Caroline! This sweet little turtle has pretty severe scrapes all over the plastron (bottom of the shell) from the rocks, but these wounds are getting treated with our cold laser three times per week. Sweet Caroline has a great appetite, good energy, and blood work looks great.

Sweet Caroline 5.15.17

Sweet Caroline, the good times never seemed so good
I'd be inclined to believe they never would
But now I look up at the night and it don't seem so lonely 

Potential release date: summer 2017