Stranded 10/02/2016


Sunshine is a beautiful juvenile20161013_081102 hawksbill who was found in the surfline at city beach access 4 by a family from Mcallen.  Her right front flipper was missing and perfectly healed, and she did not show any apparent injuries. Radiographs did show some abnormalities in the lung region. We are monitoring Sunshine's swimming and buoyancy  to see if she displays any sideways/tilting behavior or trouble diving.

November Update: Sunshine is eating well and has good energy. No abnormal swimming tendencies have been observed. She routinely rests at the bottom of a deep tank.

December Update: Gaining weight and enjoying the greens her size, Barber, Rhino and Juniper!

January Update: Same report as December only swimming with one more friend, Sheri!

February 14, Update: Sunshine was pulled from her tank of similar sized greens after it was noticed she had tiny air filled pockets all along neck. A course of antibiotics and all is good!!!