Stranded 10/02/2016

Released 6/12/2017


Sunshine is a beautiful juvenile20161013_081102 hawksbill tha twas found in the surf line at city beach access 4 by a family from nearby McAllen, TX.  Sunshine's right front flipper was missing but perfectly healed, and did not have any apparent injuries. Radiographs (x-rays) did show some abnormalities in the lungs. We are monitoring Sunshine's swimming and buoyancy to see if the little turtle displays any tilting behavior or trouble diving.

November update: Sunshine is eating well and has good energy. No abnormal swimming tendencies have been observed. Routinely rests at the bottom of a deep tank!

December update: Gaining weight and enjoying swimming with tank-mates Barber, Rhino and Juniper!

January update: Same report as December only swimming with one more friend, Sheri!

February update: Unfortunately, Sunshine has an infection caused by the bacteria Clostridium. The good news is one course of Penicillin cleared it up!

March update: Sunshine is doing wonderful! Currently swimming with Hula, our other hawksbill. Hoping, they will both be going back to the ocean in June

April update: Still looking good for a June release. Up to 7.5 lbs (Sunshine was 2.4 lbs upon arrival at our facility last October)!

May update: Our 7.9 lb beauty is going home on June 12th, 2017! Sunshine will be taken to the ‘South Padre Island Underwater Park’ at the U.S./Mexico border, via the Coast Guard.