Stranded 01-08-2017


stunnaStunna, (yep, a cold stun turtle), was not released due to her poor body condition and her FP condition.Like all the other stunned sea turtles, she is an Atlantic green. Stunna weighs just under 14 pounds and has an intermittent appetite. We started her on antibiotics, Vitamin B and fluids and are monitoring her closely in ICU.

January 31: Stunna had FP surgery at the Gladys Porter Zoo today! Also, she is eating on her own!!!

February 14: Stunna will be scheduled soon for her lower plastron FP tumor removal surgery. She is receiving iron injections and healing from initial surgery.

February 22:  Stunna had surgery and is now tumor free!!!!

March 8, 2017: Alas..there is evidence of a bone infection in her right front flipper. Diagnostic tests are being done and Stunna has started antibiotics and laser therapy.