Stranded 01-08-17


stixStix was one of our 191 cold stunned sea turtles. Stix is a 14 lb. Atlantic green juvenile. Stix's right front flipper was entangled in fishing line. Stix is receiving cold laser treatment on his flipper and was started on fluids and antibiotics. He is currently not eating well. Stix will remain in ICU until diagnostics are complete. When strong enough, he will need surgery for FP.

January 31, Update: Stix is eating on his own!

February Update: Stix had all noticeable tumors removed on 2-9. He was started on antibiotics after surgery. Stix is still receiving iron injections and cold laser treatment to help heal his right front flipper..

March 22, Update: Stix's right front flipper is not healing. There appears to be permanent damage from the fracture. There is a strong possibility that his flipper will need to be amputated. There are also some tumor regrowth. He will be scheduled for surgery soon.

April 20, Update: Stix had his right front flipper amputated and tumors removed on April 12. He is recovering well and has gained weight, in spite of the amputation. Stix is receiving cold laser therapy 3x weekly. He will need to face more FP surgery for tumors around his eyes.

May 18, Update: Stix is recovering from his amputation. He is receiving laser and debridement treatments only when necessary. He will be scheduled for FP removal surgery around the eyes soon.