Stranded 12/28/2015sti shakira


Shakira is a sub-adult Atlantic green sea turtle. She has a broken front left flipper, extensively fractured shell (possibly a boat strike), Fibropapilloma, positive buoyancy issues also known as "bubble butt", and neurological issues. She is now eating on her own, and has been moved to our ICU bed in the gift shop. Though improved, she is still in critical condition. Her recovery will take months, if not years, requiring extensive treatments and surgeries.

April Update: Shakira has been moved to a rehabilitation tank with Harry! She is moving her back flippers now. She still has a long road to recovery but is making better progress than originally expected.

June Update: Shakira's condition has changed very little from April. She still has severe buoyancy problems. She is now swimming with her friends, Harry, Gabby and Crunchy Waves. Since she is typically swimming at the top of the tank, she gets a lot of attention and is becoming a wonderful ambassador.

August 11, 2016  So, so sad to share this update. Shakira and Gabby were transported to the Gladys Porter Zoo for fibropapilloma (FP) tumor removal surgery. Shakira never woke from the anesthesia and passed away in the early morning hours. A necropsy will be performed. See Gabby's related post update.