Release Cam

Watch our sea turtle releases, live!

We will announce on Facebook — and through email and text for members — when releases are set to be broadcast. If you would like direct notifications about releases, please become a member, we have many levels to accommodate everyone's needs.

Hatchling releases happen at dawn, between 6:30 to 7 a.m. in the morning. The time for other releases varies, so please refer to the announcements.

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More about Hatchling Releases

Hatchling season varies, depending on when the nests are laid. It can begin as early as June and run into August.

Not all hatchling releases are open to the public. Hatchlings can only be released when they are in an active state (known as a frenzy). When the hatchlings frenzy in the middle of the night, the hatchlings are released on the isolated northern beaches by trained staff members. These releases are not open to the public. When they frenzy at dawn, we host a public release. Usually notice for public releases is an hour and a half before the release.

Public releases are held when hatchlings frenzy in the early hours of the morning and are held at dawn, between 6:30 to 7 a.m., at County Beach Access 3 (approximately ½ mile north of Sea Turtle, Inc). Hatching dates are ESTIMATED… only the hatchlings can decide when they are ready to go!

If you are coming to town specifically to see a hatchling release, please select a range of dates where several nests are due to hatch. This will increase your chances of seeing an early morning release. We post estimated hatching dates on the “nest activity page” and the “about releases page,” so you can plan your trip accordingly.

To find out if there will be an early morning public release, please call the Sea Turtle, Inc. Hatchling Hotline AFTER 10 p.m. The recording will tell you when a public release is expected. The recording will be updated between 5:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. that morning with a definite yes or no. If you cannot get through to our hotline, check our Facebook and Twitter page for any updates. (If you are a member you will get email and text message notifications.)


Nesting season begins as early as April. Once a nest is laid, it takes about 50 days of incubation before the tiny sea turtles hatch. Follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about any nests we find!