Sea turtle release in February!

by Megan Chilcutt

The weather and water temperature finally warmed up enough to release 19 sea turtles back into the Gulf of Mexico on February 15th. The turtles were a combination of rehabilitated turtles from various injuries and cold stunned turtles from several fronts that came through the area in early January.

The weekend was full of love with Valentine’s Day being the day before. Spend Saturday with your honey, then come on out to the beach on Sunday to spread the love vibes to the sea turtles returning back to their natural habitat was the resounding theme for the release. And boy-o- boy did folks respond. We estimate there were at least 1,500 people in attendance, as well as others who could not even make it into the park. Traffic was actually backed up onto the Causeway, and the Sea Turtle, Inc. crew had to have a police escort into the park due to the amount of  well-wishers in attendance. Success indeed! The turtles sped through the waves as soon as they touched the water, and so many on-lookers got to experience one of the end goals here at Sea Turtle, Inc. – to return these incredible and resilient creatures back into the wild!

All of the turtles were Atlantic greens, which by and large, inhabit the Laguna Madre bay side of our island. The reason we released these turtles on the Gulf side was to give them the option of rounding the jetties and returning to the bay or heading offshore into the much larger, and warmer, body of water, the Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks to everyone who attended, either in person or via the live webcam stream…we can’t wait to announce our next release, and once again share the experience and joy of returning endangered sea turtles back home!