Sea Turtle Nesting Patrol Training 2014



Federal training will be held on FRIDAY MARCH 21, 2014 at the South Padre Island Convention Center.
Please e-mail Kat: to sign up!
9am-12pm: session for BOTH foot patrol and ATV patrol
1pm-3pm: additional session for ATV patrol only
(ATV patrollers MUST attend both sessions, foot patrol only needs to come to the AM)
Requirements for sea turtle patrollers
- 18 years or older
- Must complete a minimum 6 patrols for the season
- Commitment to be dependable
- Must own a working cell phone to report sea turtle nests to responders
- Able to communicate with the general public (in event of a nesting turtle on city beaches) and responders
- Walkers must be able to walk 3 miles in the sand
- ATV patrollers must be able to operate an ATV for 6-10 hours in hot conditions
- ATV patrollers must have a valid US driver's license
Patrol training is MANDATORY for new patrollers and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for past patrollers.
In addition to the federal training, all new patrollers must attend an ATV safety and operation course (it does not matter if you already know how to operate an ATV already, if you are a new patroller you still have to attend).
We've scheduled 2 different safety trainings. You need to attend one. Remember, past patrollers are not REQUIRED to attend but it is highly recommended.
Saturday March 29th, 9-12
Monday March 31st, 9-12
If you are a new sea turtle patroller but unable to attend one of the required trainings, please e-mail me.