Sarah Kluk


Illinois State University

My name is Sarah Kluk and I’m from Oak Forest, a south suburb of Chicago.   I graduated in May 2015 from Illinois State University with a B.S in Biological Sciences including a minor in Psychology. I really enjoy staying active.  So things like working out and hiking, swimming, or really anything outdoors are all things I try to do pretty frequently.  I definitely have a case of wanderlust; traveling is one of my favorite things to do and I will whenever I have the opportunity. I just love being in different places and being able to see and try all different things.  When traveling I especially enjoy visiting sights, partaking in activities, and eating at food places that are unique to that area, really making the trip an experience.  My hobbies also include anything in the realm of arts and crafts.  I have more recently discovered a skill in drawing and painting.  I have really taken a liking to this and will work on really any medium from canvas to coolers to shoes.

My favorite sea turtle species is the leatherback.  I find their massive size as well as the distances they can travel in a year incredible.  Their size is especially impressive to me when considering how small they begin their lives as hatchlings.  I cannot wait to begin working with sea turtles this summer at Sea Turtle, Inc. and feel extremely enthusiastic and blessed to have this opportunity.