Stranded 05-26-2017

Rockie  5.27.17

Rockie is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle that was found stuck in the rocks at the Isla Blanca jetties, on the south end of South Padre Island. Rockie is one of our smallest patients, weighing in at a hefty 3.8 lbs! Rockie is slightly emaciated (thin) and had several barnacles and algae on the carapace (top of the shell) upon arrival at our facility, suggesting this turtle might have been a little lethargic and not swimming very fast. Rockie has a large notch missing in the right front flipper and a small notch missing from the left front flipper - both of these wounds are fully healed, but something took a few bites out of this turtle when it was younger!

Rockie 4 5.27.17Potential release date: summer 2017