Released Turtles

 Here's who we've released in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!!

Rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles is an important part of Sea Turtle, Inc's mission to save sea turtles! Each year, we rehabilitate anywhere from 40 to 100+ patients and release them back to the ocean. The rehabilitation process can take days, months, or sometimes years, depending on our patient and its injury. Here are stories about some of the sea turtles we have rescued and returned to the ocean in the past two years.






Stranded 10/6/2014

Caleb is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found on the South jetties of Isla Blanca Park. His neck and front left flipper were entangled in fishing line. There is a scar on his flipper from the entanglement. Luckily the wounds are not very severe and he should make a quick recovery.


Released 10/18/2014



Stranded 9/20/2014

Peaches is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. She was accidentally hooked by a fisherman at the Isla Blanca jetties. The fisherman noticed that she had a large wound on her head and called Sea Turtle, Inc. for help. Peaches had been hit by a boat and the propeller had left a deep slice on her head. Miraculously, the wound had already started to heal on its own and the turtle's overall health was not very bad. We cleaned the wound and she is currently being monitored in ICU.

October Update: Peaches wound has healed very well. She is healthy and has been cleared for release.


Released 10/17/2014


AlStranded 8/17/2014

Al is a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle. He was found swimming near the Laguna Vista seawall by residents who live nearby. They noticed he was not moving his front left flipper and they called Sea Turtle, Inc. to investigate. Al has fishing line wrapped so tightly around his flipper that it swelled up to 3 times its normal size. Additionally he had a hook in his shoulder, old injuries from a boat strike, and predator bites on his back flippers. He is a lucky sea turtle! The fishing line was removed and we are currently monitoring his recovery in our ICU.

September Update: Al has full use of his front left flipper and has been moved to a rehabilitation tank.

October Update: Al was recently moved to a bigger tank and has been cleared for release!

Released 10/17/2014


KonaStranded 4/27/2014

Kona was found stranded on the beach in a large pile of Sargassum. He had an odd discoloration on the tips of his flippers. Closer examination shows that he has a bacteria that is affecting the scales on his flippers. He is being quarantined in case the bacteria is contagious to other turtles.

May update: Kona has made great improvements and has been moved to a rehabilitation tank! She hass been cleared for release!


Released 6/23/2014



Stranded April

Enzo was found upside down in a large pile of Sargassum seaweed. He had no physical injuries. He is currently in ICU awaiting a blood test to determine if he is able to be released.

Update: Enzo is eating well and has been cleared for release


Released 5/19/2014

Jesse James


Stranded 4/6/2014

Jesse James is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found stranded on Boca Chica Beach near the jetties. Jesse is missing a front left flipper, however, the injury is old and already healed. He has no previous tags which means he obtained this injury in the wild and it healed without the help of a veterinarian! It is amazing how hearty these turtles can be! He is currently in ICU and being treated with antibiotics.

4/24/14 update: Jesse has made a very quick recovery and is already eating on his own. He was moved to rehab tank #4 today! He will most likely be released within one month!


Released 5/19/2014



Stranded 1/13/2014

Osprey is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found floating in the shipping channel by crew on board an Osprey fishing trip. He showed no physical injuries but he was weak and very lethargic. He may have been affected by the recent spells of cold weather that affected South Padre Island in the winter months.

April Update: Osprey has been moved to rehabilitation tank #1 and can be seen swimming with other juvenile Atlantic greens of his size class.

Released 8/13/2014



Stranded 12/28/2013

Cooper is a juvenile Kemp's ridley sea turtle. He stranded just north of County Access 6 on South Padre Island. He had no physical injuries but he was weak and emaciated. He had a thin layer of algae covering his shell and was missing a small chunk of his back left flipper, possibly from a predator attack.

Februray 2014 Update: Cooper was moved to rehabilitation tank 5. He is active and swimming well!

April 2014 Update: Cooper is eating live crabs and will be released this spring or summer!

Released 7/22/2014


ViolaStranded 1/30/2014

Viola is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. She is a cold stranded sea turtle that was brought in by US Fish & Wildlife during a recent cold front. She is missing large chunks of her shell. Parts of the injury are new and parts are already healed, meaning that this could have happened a long time ago. She is currently swimming and healing well in ICU. We expect her to be released in Spring of 2014.

Stranded 7/14/2014



Stranded 12/16/2013

Casper is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found in Dolphin Cove near Isla Blanca Park. He had no visible injuries but was floating with his head down in the water. He was assumed to be a cold stranded sea turtle, however, when placing him in water for the first time we noticed he was unable to diver under. X-rays show that he has excess air trapped in his shell. This is preventing him from diving like a normal turtle. We do not know the cause of this excess air and we are still trying to determine a course of action. He is currently in Sea Turtle, Inc. ICU

4/25/2014 Update: Casper has had several days where he has been able to reach the bottom but still is having trouble staying down. He is still in ICU.

May Update: Casper is swimming well and has been moved out to a rehabilitation tank

Released 6/30/2014