Released Turtles

 Here's who we've released in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!!

Rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles is an important part of Sea Turtle, Inc's mission to save sea turtles! Each year, we rehabilitate anywhere from 40 to 100+ patients and release them back to the ocean. The rehabilitation process can take days, months, or sometimes years, depending on our patient and its injury. Here are stories about some of the sea turtles we have rescued and returned to the ocean in the past two years.






Stranded 4/26/2015

April is a sub-adult Atlantic green sea turtle. She was found in the Laguna Madre with a large bundle of seismic measuring gear entangled around her front right flipper. Unfortunately, all that was left of the flipper was a bone sticking out. April underwent amputation surgery and is currently recovering in our ICU.

May Update: April continues to recover from surgery. Due to the severity of the wound, the healing process is slow. She is undergoing laser treatments at the Gladys Porter Zoo every 3 days to stimulate cell growth and speed up healing.

August Update: April continues to travel to the zoo for laser treatments. She has been moved out to a rehabilitation tank and is very strong and fiesty. The staff is having a hard time removing her from the tank for her treatments. She will most likely be cleared for release by the end of 2015.

Released 9/14/2015


TintStranded 5/23/2015

Tint is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found on the south jetties of South Padre Island. Tint has severe lacerations to his right front flipper and lard wounds on his plastron (bottom shell) and neck. The reason for his injuries are unknown but seems to be a predator attack. Tint is currently recovering in our ICU.

June Update: Tint will most likely need to have his right front flipper amputated due to the severity of his injury.

July Update: Tint is undergoing laser treatments every 3 days at the Gladys Porter Zoo. His wounds are healing well, but he seems to have no use of his front right flipper so amputation is still being considered. He continues to recover in the ICU.

August Update: The laser treatments worked wonders on Tint! His wounds have recovered and he has regained use of his front right flipper. It will not have to be amputated!  Tint has been moved to an outside rehabilitation tank. He will be released before the end of 2015. 

Released 9/19/2015

Olivia Jr.



Stranded 7/24/2015

Olivia Jr. is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. She was accidently hooked by a fisherman in Dolphin Cove at Isla Blanca Park. From the outside, it seemed that just her flipper had been hooked and the hook was easily removed, however, x-rays of the turtle revealed that she had also swallowed one. Our vet tech successfully removed the hook and Olivia Jr. is currently recovering in the ICU.

August Update: Olivia Jr. has been moved to an outside rehabilitation tank and is cleared for release before the end of 2015.

Released 9/19/2015





Stranded 1/11/2015

Ziggy is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found floating in the Laguna Madre during a severe cold front. He had gone into a state of "cold shock" becuase of low temperatures and was hit by a boat while floating in the bay. Ziggy's wounds are very severe and he is currently being treated in our ICU. We are treating his wound with different antibiotics and also utilizing honey to help speed up the healing process.

March Update: Ziggy is doing well and has been moved out to Rehabilitation Tank 5

June Update: Ziggy has been cleared for release! He will most likely go back to the ocean by the end of the summer, 2015!

Released 7/29/2015




Stranded 5/29/2015

 Mitch is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found by a member of the US coast guard. He has a very large wound on his plastron and carapace (top and bottom shell). Due to the shape of the wound, we believe it was most likely caused by a shark. Mitch's wounds are severe and he is being monitored in our ICU where he is on antibiotics, fluids, and is taken to the Gladys Porter Zoo for laser therapy every 3 days.

August Update: Mitch's wounds are healing at an incredible rate thanks to his laser treatment! An x-ray has also revealed a broken front flipper. We have bandaged the flipper in hopes to immobilize the bone and encourage it to heal.

Mitch continues to recover at Sea Turtle, Inc. He has been moved to an outside rehabilitation tank.

December Update: Mitch's front left flipper did not respond well to the bandage and is still fractured. He continues to recover in a rehabilitation tank. We expect him to make a full recovery after some time to let the flipper heal fully.

March Update:We are so proud of Mitch. He is beautiful and swimming well. We will be saying good bye to Mitch later this month, and how we will miss him!  Picture provided by a visitor, Crystal Pena. Note how well the wound has healed!  mitchBecome a member to watch Mitch swim on our underwater camera!

                                                                Released 4/6/2016



Stranded 5/16/15

Jayden is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found on the South Padre Island jetties. He had been hooked by a fisherman and was completely entangled in monofilament line. Luckily, the fisherman called Sea Turtle, Inc. and he was unhooked and is recovering well.

June Update: Jayden has been moved to Rehab Tank 1.

Released 7/29/15



Stranded 6/22/2015

Rocky is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found wedged int the rocks of the Boca Chica Jetties. He has some minor scrapes and abrasions on his shell but he is recovering well and will most likely be released by the end of summer 2015.

Released 7/29/2015



Stranded 2/19/2015

Toto was caught in a shrimp net. Luckily, he has no physical injuries and his stay in ICU was very short. He is currently swimming in a rehabilitation tank and will be released when the water is warmer.

Stranded 4/8/2015



Stranded 2/26/2015

Gwynne was found floating near Parrot Eyes on South Padre Island. She was covered in mud, algae and barnacles. She also has a small puncture wound on her plastron (bottom shell). The reason for her stranding is unknown, but we are starting to noticed that she is having some buoyancy problems while swimming. This may be due to a past injury or an illness (sometimes this can be caused by pneumonia. She will continue to be monitored in our ICU.

March Update: Gwynne has been moved to rehabilitation tank 5 and will be released in the spring!!

Released 4/8/2015

Sunshine Too


Stranded 2/26/2015

Sunshine Too is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. She was found by a local shrimper becuase she was stuck in a net. She has a few mild scrapes but her injuries are not severe. We are currently monitoring her in our ICU.

March Update: Sunshine Too has been moved out of the ICU and is swimming in a rehab tank with other turtles.

Released 4/8/2015