Released Turtles

 Here's who we've released in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!!

Rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles is an important part of Sea Turtle, Inc's mission to save sea turtles! Each year, we rehabilitate anywhere from 40 to 100+ patients and release them back to the ocean. The rehabilitation process can take days, months, or sometimes years, depending on our patient and its injury. Here are stories about some of the sea turtles we have rescued and returned to the ocean in the past two years.





Stranded 11/02/2016

Released 03/30/2017


Juniper is a small (3.4 lb) and beautiful  juvenile Atlantic green that was found on Boca Chica beach, languishing in the surf. Juniper had no apparent visible injuries, but after a few days here, passed small pieces of plastic, and then, a 9 inch balloon. Juniper also has elevated white blood cells, which could indicate an infection. We have started Juniper on antibiotics.

November UpdateJuniper tested positive for the parasite Caryospora and was started on a new antibiotic. We will be doing fecals until they are parasite free. On the plus side, Juniper has a great appetite and high energy!

December Update:  We are waiting on a second fecal test, but we are thinking she is parasite free! Juniper is swimming with Sunshine, Rhino and Barber. They are adorable together!

February Update: Juniper is so beautiful. Up to 7.1 pounds, more than twice her weight since stranding!!! She is now swimming with Cole and Barracuda...she was getting a little rowdy in the tank with the other smaller greens.



Stranded 10/02/2016

Released 6/12/2017


Sunshine is a beautiful juvenile20161013_081102 hawksbill tha twas found in the surf line at city beach access 4 by a family from nearby McAllen, TX.  Sunshine's right front flipper was missing but perfectly healed, and did not have any apparent injuries. Radiographs (x-rays) did show some abnormalities in the lungs. We are monitoring Sunshine's swimming and buoyancy to see if the little turtle displays any tilting behavior or trouble diving.

November update: Sunshine is eating well and has good energy. No abnormal swimming tendencies have been observed. Routinely rests at the bottom of a deep tank!

December update: Gaining weight and enjoying swimming with tank-mates Barber, Rhino and Juniper!

January update: Same report as December only swimming with one more friend, Sheri!

February update: Unfortunately, Sunshine has an infection caused by the bacteria Clostridium. The good news is one course of Penicillin cleared it up!

March update: Sunshine is doing wonderful! Currently swimming with Hula, our other hawksbill. Hoping, they will both be going back to the ocean in June

April update: Still looking good for a June release. Up to 7.5 lbs (Sunshine was 2.4 lbs upon arrival at our facility last October)!

May update: Our 7.9 lb beauty is going home on June 12th, 2017! Sunshine will be taken to the ‘South Padre Island Underwater Park’ at the U.S./Mexico border, via the Coast Guard.


                                                          Stranded 9/16/2016


Frida  is an fridaadult Kemp's ridley  female found by Michael, Stefanie and Hannah Bean near Schlitterbahn. Frida was very non responsive. No obvious injuries. It is believed she is a victim of red tide. A neurotoxin in the algae called brevetoxin affects the turtles' nerves and muscles, keeping them from swimming and diving properly, causing them to strand. She has been in detox mode since arrival and is responding. She should be in an outdoor rehabilitation tank soon, preparing for release.

Released 10/14/2016




     Stranded 9/01/2016


CJ is an Atlantic green cj1juvenile found on Boca Chica by friends Charlie and Joe. CJ's right flipper was entangled in fishing line. The good news is that this juvenile Atlantic green had no Fibropapilloma tumors and has recovered with his flipper intact. CJ is swimming in an outdoor rehabilitation tank  with friend Boerne.

October Update:  CJ and pal Boerne should be headed home the week of 10/17. Follow Facebook for date and time!

Released 10/19/2016



Stranded 8/21/2016


Boerneboerne on facebook is a beautiful Atlantic green juvenile. Tina & Michael Hollenbaugh, formerly from Boerne, saw him swimming off the jetties, distressed and entangled in fishing line. They called us after hours,  then jet skied out to pick him up and delivered him Dolphin Cove, where assistant curator Kat Lillie met them.  Boerne  is very active in his ICU pool, but we are still running diagnostics at the time of this writing.

September Update:  Boerne has been moved to an outdoor rehabilitation tank and is swimming well with friend CJ. Both are being prepared for an October release.

October UpdateBoerne will be released the week on 10/17. Follow facebook posts for date and time!


                        Released 10/19/2016


                              Stranded 8/8/2016


bobBob is a sub-adult  Atlantic green sea turtle. Bob  was found in the bay near Holly Beach,  Laguna Vista. Bob had a commercial  longline hook embedded in his right flipper. The hook was removed and the wound is being treated. Bob is in ICU, eating very little. A laceration was discovered on the inside of his mouth, probably a result of him trying to free himself from the fishing line.


Bob is named for his founder Bob Blumberg. He and Melinda Bland were fishing in the bay, when they spotted a sea turtle struggling to remove itself from the longline. To see a video of Bob's rescue, go to

September Update:  Bob is now in an outdoor rehabilitation tank. He should be going back home soon!!!

October Update:   Bob also should be released in the next 2 weeks. We had to keep him a little longer than planned, due to red tide.

Released 10-17-2016


 Stranded 7/8/2016


Carolina is a sub-adult  Atlantic green sea turtle. She was found by  Darren Spearman, Aaron Cook and Scott Meeks when they went on a fishing trip with Capt. Andy Davila. caroline1While reeling in dinner, they spotted a sea turtle tangled in a mass of cables struggling to keep her head above water long enough to take a breath. They pulled her onto the boat and contacted Sea Turtle, Inc..Her right flipper was entangled in seismic gear (pictured right.)  This is the third Atlantic green that has been found in the Laguna Madre entangled in seismic cord in the past 15 months. Drifter, who is also a current patient, and April, who was released last fall, were the other two.caroline2

Carolina was transported to the Gladys Porter Zoo for amputation. She is recovering in our ICU and is responding well.

August UpdateCarolina has been receiving laser treatments at her amputation site twice a week. She has been eating some produce. She is still in ICU.

September Update: Carolina is still in ICU but should be moved to an outdoor rehabilitation tank soon, where she will prepare for release! The Texas GLO is investigating the source of the seismic cable.

October Update:. Carolina will be released the week of 10/17. The Texas GLO is mitigating with responsible companies for the removal of additional leftover cable.

Released 10/24/2016


Stranded 6/05/2016


brownie1Brownie is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. His flipper was wrapped around fishing line, and there was a hook stuck near the injured flipper. It will take some time to determine if his flipper will heal. To read more about how humans endanger sea turtles, click here.

Sadly...Brownie's flipper had to be amputated. Since he lost the flipper on June 16, he has been morebrownie2 responsive and eating better. The wound is healing well.

July Update: Brownie is recovering well and has been moved to an outdoor rehabilitation tank with the buddies, Shakira, Harry, Crunchy Waves and Gabby to await FP laser surgery.

HEE HAW!!!!!  Brownie has recovered so well, that he was one of our first four turtles to have FP tumors removed via our new CO2 laser. Brownie's tumors were small and few and cauterized quickly. The surgery was performed at the Gladys Porter Zoo. Brownie returned home same day to recuperate in his hospital ICU bed!

August Update: Brownie is back swimming with buds Harry and Drifter. He appears to have made a full recovery from his FP surgery!

September Update:  No recurrence of FP tumors!!! Brownie and friends should be headed home shortly!!!!

October Update: Brownie and buds are headed out with CJ and Boerne on a boat release the week of 10/17. Keep an eye of facebook posts for date and time!

Released 10-19-2016




Stranded 4/04/2016

Drifter is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was spotted and rescued by Captain Faustino and his friend Ysidro Garcia while fishing aboard Faustino’s boat The Drifter. Drifter was in great distress. He was deeply entangled in 15 lbs. of fishing line, rope and electrical cables. Drifter's left flipper will be x-rayed to determine if it is broken. He also has large FP tumors on his front flippers.

June UpdateDrifter's left flipper is broken, but he is growing stronger. He is in a rehabilitation tank.

July UpdateDrifter had a huge FP tumor on his flipper, and he was one of the four who were treated at the Gladys Porter Zoo on July 26. Drifter, like his buddies, is recovering well, and we hope he will be back in his outdoor rehabilitation tank soon.

August Update:  Drifter's FP  wounds are 85% recovered, and he is swimming well. He is back with Harry and Brownie.

September Update: Drifter is looking good, swimming well and wounds are healed!

October Update: Drifter is headed home the week of 10/17!!!!

Released 10/24/2016





madi-jax shark

Stranded 3/30/2016

Madi-Jax is a sub-adult female loggerhead. She was found by Sea Turtle, Inc. volunteers Tom and Nancy Barker who were fishing in the gulf about 15 miles north of STI. They named her after their two great grandchildren. Madi-Jax was covered with epibiota and parasites and was very non-responsive. She is being treated with antibiotics and fluids and supplemental feedings. She is also a survivor of what clearly looks like a shark attack. On 4-12, she lifted her head and ate a squid on her own, but is nourished primarily by other supplemental  nutrition. Madi-Jax's is in critical condition, but she has shown some slow improvements.

4-13 update!!!! She ate a whole plate of fish this morning!!!

6-30 Xrays showed Madi-Jax had a huge blockage. Over time, she passed gallon bags of sea urchin quills. She possibly ate them while foraging for food when recovering from her shark attack. At any rate, she is definitely on the mend!!!

7-11-2016 Madi-Jax has been moved from ICU to an outdoor rehabilitation tank!!!! She is adjusting well to the change!

Released 8/17/2016