Released Turtles

 Here's who we've released in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!!

Rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles is an important part of Sea Turtle, Inc's mission to save sea turtles! Each year, we rehabilitate anywhere from 40 to 100+ patients and release them back to the ocean. The rehabilitation process can take days, months, or sometimes years, depending on our patient and its injury. Here are stories about some of the sea turtles we have rescued and returned to the ocean in the past two years.





Stranded 03-11-2017

Released 03-30-2017


chance with questionChance's rescue was a bit dramatic! It started with a call from Boca Chica. Salvador Villareal and Hannah Solis found Chance wedged in the rocks of the jetties. Boca Chica, by car, is typically a 3 hour round trip drive. On a Spring Break Saturday???? Who knows!!! So...Chris Devlin, former intern and spouse to our Conservation Coordinator, Mariana, kayaked  from the island over to Boca Chica and retrieved Chance, saving staff member a full day's work! Chance is doing well. He is in isolation until diagnostics are complete. Note the red ? on his carapace, within the green outline. These little turtles look so similar that we needed an easy way to identify them in order to distribute appropriate medical treatment and for accurate record keeping. The idea of the  ? on Chance came from Monopoly cards!


Stranded 02/26/2017

Released 03/30/2017


sushiSushi is yet another small green (3 lbs 6 oz)  who was  found crawling on the beach at surf line in Isla Blanca park. Sushi has good energy. She is being  kept in isolation until her fecal is analyzed.


Stranded: 01/28/2017

Released: 03/30/2017


Pretty little Seaseaweedweed, a juvenile Atlantic green, weighs just under five pounds. She was found near the Mansfield jetties, about 28 miles north of the center, wedged in the rock crevices. She has some scratches and cuts on her plastron but is FP free. She should be in an outdoor rehabilitation tank soon!

February Update: Seaweed, as predicted, is swimming with the gang of other little, FP free, greens. She has gained a half pound and her plastron is healing!


Stranded 01-08-2017

Released 03-30-2017


barracudaBarracuda is one of three cold stunned sea turtles that we could not release. She was found stranded on the beach in Barracuda Cove on Boca Chica Beach.  She is an Atlantic green, weighing in at 8.5 pounds. Barracuda is being treated with antibiotics, Vitamin B and fluids. Se is currently swimming with Cole, who weighs around 95 pounds. We tried putting her with sea turtles her size, but she was a little aggressive. Looks like her name has a double meaning!!! Will get you a picture soon!!!!

Februrary 14 Update: Barracuda is eating well and gaining weight, up to 9.9 pounds! Picture is from 1-29.


SHERI1Stranded 12-07-2016

Released 03-30-2017


Sheri is a small Atlantic green, the third this month found wedged in the crevices of the jetties at Isla Blanca park. Sheri has some scrapes on her plastron and some minor internal injuries. She is being kept in ICU as we continue to run diagnostics.

January Update:  Sheri is out of ICU, responding well to antibiotics and other medications. She is enjoying swimming with 4 other friends her size.

February Update: No new news, except she is gaining weight and swimming with even more friends now!  Sheri is up to 5.2 pounds.


Stranded 12-06-2016

Released 03-30-2017


susan2Susan is an 11 pound Atlantic green juvenile who was found on the beach 22 miles north of the center. Susan was entangled in fishing line. She had 9 large barnacles on her carapace and was covered in algae. Susan also has a small FP tumor.

Susan has not been eating well. She is being treated with antibiotics, Vitamin B, fluids and a cocktail of emeraid, pedialyte and mineral oil. She is also receiving cold laser therapy on her jaw where the fishing line had cut her.

January Update: Susan is eating better now! She and Harbor, whom she shares a tank with, are both being closely monitored. Susan completed her course of meds, but is still being given iron injections and receiving cold laser therapy.

January 18 Update: Susan had her small FP tumors removed today. She is tumor free! She will now be sharing a tank with Toco, who is also tumor free.

February Update: Susan passed about 3' of clear, thin fishing line!!!! We are hoping that she will start eating better now and gaining weight.


Stranded 12-02-2016

Released 03-30-2017


Rrhino1hino is a small 4 pound Atlantic green that was trapped  in the jetties at Isla Blanca park. Rhino had scrapes on his plastron (tummy) and carapace and his claws were bleeding. He had one large barnacle on his carapace as well. Rhino was in ICU for four days and is now swimming with Barber, Juniper, and Sunshine.

January Update: Rhino is doing very well, swimming with friends mentioned above, plus now Shari!

February Update: Look how pretty his plastron looks!!! Scrapes are all healed, and he weighs 6.3 lbs!!! Just waiting on steady, warmer temps. for release.


Stranded 11/12/2016

Released 03-30-2017


barber carapace 2-14Barber is a small Atlantic green, almost exactly the same size as Juniper. Yesterday morning it washed up in the rocks on the south jetties due to high tide. Its plastron has some scratches on it from the rocks, but otherwise seems to be in good condition. We started Barber on a course of antibiotics and fluids. One guess as to the occupation of this sea turtle's founder!!!! Both of its founders are barbers in Harlingen.

December Update: Barber has finished his antibiotics and is eating well! His barber plastron 2-14plastron still has scratches, but his overall body condition is good. He seems to be enjoying swimming with friends his own size, Juniper, Rhino and Sunshine!

January, 2 Update: Barber continues to put on weight, up to 5 lbs. Is enjoying his old friends, plus a new one, Sheri!

February 14 Update: Barber is almost to six pounds and his plastron has healed well. Waiting with buds, now 6  of them, for steady warmer release weather!


Stranded 11/02/2016

Released 03/30/2017


Juniper is a small (3.4 lb) and beautiful  juvenile Atlantic green that was found on Boca Chica beach, languishing in the surf. Juniper had no apparent visible injuries, but after a few days here, passed small pieces of plastic, and then, a 9 inch balloon. Juniper also has elevated white blood cells, which could indicate an infection. We have started Juniper on antibiotics.

November UpdateJuniper tested positive for the parasite Caryospora and was started on a new antibiotic. We will be doing fecals until they are parasite free. On the plus side, Juniper has a great appetite and high energy!

December Update:  We are waiting on a second fecal test, but we are thinking she is parasite free! Juniper is swimming with Sunshine, Rhino and Barber. They are adorable together!

February Update: Juniper is so beautiful. Up to 7.1 pounds, more than twice her weight since stranding!!! She is now swimming with Cole and Barracuda...she was getting a little rowdy in the tank with the other smaller greens.



                                                          Stranded 9/16/2016


Frida  is an fridaadult Kemp's ridley  female found by Michael, Stefanie and Hannah Bean near Schlitterbahn. Frida was very non responsive. No obvious injuries. It is believed she is a victim of red tide. A neurotoxin in the algae called brevetoxin affects the turtles' nerves and muscles, keeping them from swimming and diving properly, causing them to strand. She has been in detox mode since arrival and is responding. She should be in an outdoor rehabilitation tank soon, preparing for release.

Released 10/14/2016