Released Turtles

 Here's who we've released in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!!

Rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles is an important part of Sea Turtle, Inc's mission to save sea turtles! Each year, we rehabilitate anywhere from 40 to 100+ patients and release them back to the ocean. The rehabilitation process can take days, months, or sometimes years, depending on our patient and its injury. Here are stories about some of the sea turtles we have rescued and returned to the ocean in the past two years.





Stranded 06-01-2017

Released 06-27-2017

20170601BWL01-CM pic 1 Kaze

Kaze is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle that was found stuck in the under water in the rocks at the Boca Chica jetties by one of our interns who was patrolling Boca Chica for nesting mamas. Kaze weighs about 6 lbs, is in good body condition, and has normal blood values. Kaze began eating immediately upon admission to our hospital! Kaze defecated a small piece of balloon on 6/5/17...many people that do balloon releases do not think about where their balloons might end up - like in a GI tract of a sea turtle. Fortunately Kaze is doing very well and will likely be released in by July!

Sweet Caroline

Stranded 05-14-2017

Released: 06-13-2017

Sweet Caroline is a 4.5 lb juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle that was found trapped deep in the rocks at the Mansfield Cut which as at the very north end of South Padre Island. A family noticed this turtle was stuck and alerted one of our interns, who was patrolling the beach that day for nesting mamas. Together they were able to successfully free Sweet Caroline! This sweet little turtle has pretty severe scrapes all over the plastron (bottom of the shell) from the rocks, but these wounds are getting treated with our cold laser three times per week. Sweet Caroline has a great appetite, good energy, and blood work looks great.

Sweet Caroline 5.15.17

Sweet Caroline, the good times never seemed so good
I'd be inclined to believe they never would
But now I look up at the night and it don't seem so lonely 

Potential release date: summer 2017




Stranded 05-06-2017

Released: 06-13-2017


20170506JAG02-CM pic 2 Kaisou

Kaisou is a 6 lb non-FP Atlantic green that was trapped in the rocks at the jetties. Kaisou's body is in good condition, but the turtle had a persistent cloacal prolapse upon arrival to Sea Turtle, Inc. Prolapses are a common issue in stranded turtles; it is a stress induced response where the tissue inside the cloaca starts to push out. Usually this condition resolves once turtles are put back in water, however Kaisou's prolapse did not immediately resolve. After several weeks of laser therapy and anti-inflammatories, the prolapse is looking much better! Because the prolapse is healing nicely, Kaisou was taken out of isolation and joined other non-FP juvenile greens in one of our display tanks.

Fun fact: "Kaisou" is Japanese for seaweed, which is what green sea turtles eat!
Potential release date: summer 2017



Stranded: 05-06-2017

Released: 06-13-2017


aquarid corneaAquarid is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle that was found wedged in the rocks at the jetties in Isla Blanca Park here on South Padre Island. Aquarid weighs in at 4 lbs. It has an old constriction injury across its head (likely caused by fishing line) that affected the right side of its face: the upper right jaw is missing and it cannot completely close the right eye. The inability to close the eye is the likely cause for the corneal ulcer that was present on intake. The picture on the left shows the ulcer (small white area on eye), but it healed with 4 days of treatment (see photo on right)! Aquarid is also receiving cold laser therapy on wounds that were caused by the rocksaquarid after cornea med. This turtle is currently sharing a tank with our two hawksbills, Sunshine and Hula.
Potential release date: summer 2017


Stranded: 5-5-2017

Released: 06-13-2017


qtip2 Q-tip is a 7.5 lb juvenile Atlantic green. Q-tip was found in the high tide line near the Isla Blanca Jetties here on South Padre Island. Q-tip has a shark bite wound that is visible on both the carapace and plastron! The shark bite is not fresh though, it was already healing when the turtle arrived at our facility. Q-tip received a course of antibiotics and is now receiving cold laser therapy three times weekly which helps promote wound healing.

May 18, 2017:  Since arriving at our hospital, Q-tip has been eating well and has great energy. He is sharing a tank with other non-FP juvenile greens.

Potential release date: summer 2017

Q-tip carapace clean 5.5.17


Stranded 05-02-2017

Released: 06-13-2017


Lunchbox, a juvenile Atlantic green, stranded on 5/2/17 trapped in rocks at the jetties with loose fishing line wrapped around a front flipper. Lunchbox weighs in at 4.5 lbs and is sharing a tank with several other juvenile greens. The turtle is receiving laser therapy 3 times weekly to treat abrasions caused by the rocks. Lunchbox will be ready for release soon!
Potential release date: summer 2017


Stranded 03-11-2017

Released 03-30-2017


chance with questionChance's rescue was a bit dramatic! It started with a call from Boca Chica. Salvador Villareal and Hannah Solis found Chance wedged in the rocks of the jetties. Boca Chica, by car, is typically a 3 hour round trip drive. On a Spring Break Saturday???? Who knows!!! So...Chris Devlin, former intern and spouse to our Conservation Coordinator, Mariana, kayaked  from the island over to Boca Chica and retrieved Chance, saving staff member a full day's work! Chance is doing well. He is in isolation until diagnostics are complete. Note the red ? on his carapace, within the green outline. These little turtles look so similar that we needed an easy way to identify them in order to distribute appropriate medical treatment and for accurate record keeping. The idea of the  ? on Chance came from Monopoly cards!

Dolores and Margarita

Stranded 03-06-2017

Released 4-28-2017


dolores3And they keep on coming. High winds and strong waves on Saturday, March 4, could account for these two little ones stranding in the Isla Blanca jetties, wedged between rocks. Both are stable, in good body condition, with typical rock scrapes on their plastrons. Both were started on a course of antibiotics. Dolores(l), Margarita, (r)

April 20 update: Both are cleared for release on April 28!!!!


Stranded 03-05-2017

Released 4/28/2017

jace after bath

jace before bath

And the little greens are still coming in! Jace, unlike most of his other "classmates", was not found in the jetties, but  way up near the public beach entrance at access #21. Algae covered  more than 50% of his carapace, but no wounds were noted. Jace has a great body condition - fattest turtle we have  seen of this size. Gave freshwater bath, see right, and he is very active.

April 20 Update: Ready to be released! Scheduled to release Friday April 28th.


Stranded 02/16/2017

Released 04/28/2017

Monika LFF base 2.26.17

Monika was found wedged in the rocks at the Isla Blanca jetties. She is currently being administered antibiotics, vitamins, and fluids. She was placed in the outdoor tank with the other FP-free little greens on 2/26. Monika is eating on her own and is receiving cold laser treatments to help heal her wounds.

March 22 Update:  Monika is still receiving cold laser treatments but has finished her course of meds. She is gaining weight and we have hopes for an April release.

April 20 Update: Going home on 4/28!!!