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Rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles is an important part of Sea Turtle, Inc's mission to save sea turtles! Each year, we rehabilitate anywhere from 40-100+ patients and release them back to the ocean. The rehabilitation process can take days, months, or sometimes years, depending on our patient and its injury. Below, you can check out patients currently rehabilitating and awaiting release.

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Stranded 01-08-2017


Barracuda is one of three cold stunned sea turtles that we could not release. She was found stranded on the beach in Barracuda Cove on Boca Chica Beach.  She is an Atlantic green, weighing in at 8.5 pounds. Barracuda is being treated with antibiotics, Vitamin B and fluids. Se is currently swimming with Cole, who weighs around 95 pounds. We tried putting her with sea turtles her size, but she was a little aggressive. Looks like her name has a double meaning!!! Will get you a picture soon!!!!


Stranded 01-08-2017


stunnaStunna, (yep, a cold stun turtle), was not released due to her poor body condition and her FP condition.Like all the other stunned sea turtles, she is an Atlantic green. Stunna weighs just under 14 pounds and has an intermittent appetite. We started her on antibiotics, Vitamin B and fluids and are monitoring her closely in ICU.


Stranded 01-08-17


stixStix was one of our 191 cold stunned sea turtles. Stix is a 14 lb. Atlantic green juvenile. Stix's right front flipper was entangled in fishing line. Stix is receiving cold laser treatment on his flipper and was started on fluids and antibiotics. He is currently not eating well. Stix will remain in ICU until diagnostics are complete. When strong enough, he will need surgery for FP.


Stranded: 12/19/2016


Milagro was found by staff worker Dave Wilson in the grass adjacent to our parking lot. He had been there for some time as his body temperature was very low. Milagro is our Christmas miracle Atlantic green juvenile. He also has an old boat strike at the caudal end of the carapace.  We will continue to monitor his diving to see if he will require a dive weight.

January 18, Update:  Milagro is eating well!!! Also, a weight was added to Milagro's carapace to help him dive.


kenai in poolStranded: 12-13-2016


Kenai was found by Mica and Hazel visiting from Kenai, Alaska on December 13, about 9 miles north of the center. Kenai is a 13.7 juvenile Kemp's ridley.  Blood tests are normal, but a radiograph did show some lung issues. We are running further diagnostics.

January 2, Update: Kenai is being closely monitored. He has intermittent appetite and buoyancy issues. Kenai is in ICU.


Stranded 12-07-2016


harbor carapace

Harbor, named for the infamous Pearl Harbor day, is a 30 pound Atlantic green. Harbor, like Nancy above, also stranded as a result of fishing line entanglement. He was pulled in by fishermen at the Isla Blanca jetties.

Harbor's plastron had a heavy amount of barnacles, and he too has FP tumors. He was started on antibiotics, vitamin B, iron and fluids. His appetite is good and he is energetic!harbor plastron

Harbor has been moved to the FP quarantine tank with PJ, Jet, Toco, And Key.

January Update: Harbor has been losing some weight, so he has been moved to an FP tank with just Susan, where we will be closely monitoring  his appetite. He has finished all meds, but is being given iron. He will not be eligible for surgery until he recovers his strength.

January 18 Update: Harbor has been getting stronger and was able to undergo his first surgery. His huge lower body tumors (pictured right) near his rear flippers have been removed. His front body tumors will be removed in a subsequent surgery.


SHERI1Stranded 12-07-2016


Sheri is a small Atlantic green, the third this month found wedged in the crevices of the jetties at Isla Blanca park. Sheri has some scrapes on her plastron and some minor internal injuries. She is being kept in ICU as we continue to run diagnostics.

January Update:  Sheri is out of ICU, responding well to antibiotics and other medications. She is enjoying swimming with 4 other friends her size!


Stranded 12-06-2016


susan2Susan is an 11 pound Atlantic green juvenile who was found on the beach 22 miles north of the center. Susan was entangled in fishing line. She had 9 large barnacles on her carapace and was covered in algae. Susan also has a small FP tumor.

Susan has not been eating well. She is being treated with antibiotics, Vitamin B, fluids and a cocktail of emeraid, pedialyte and mineral oil. She is also receiving cold laser therapy on her jaw where the fishing line had cut her.

January Update: Susan is eating much better now!!! She and Harbor, whom she shares a tank with, are both being closely monitored. Susan completed her course of meds, but is still being given iron injections and receiving cold laser therapy.

January 18 Update: Susan had her small FP tumors removed today. She is tumor free! She will now be sharing a tank with Toco, who is also tumor free.


Stranded 12-02-2016


Rrhino1hino is a small 4 pound Atlantic green that was trapped  in the jetties at Isla Blanca park. Rhino had scrapes on his plastron (tummy) and carapace and his claws were bleeding. He had one large barnacle on his carapace as well. Rhino was in ICU for four days and is now swimming with Barber, Juniper, and Sunshine.

January Update: Rhino is doing very well, swimming with friends mentioned above, plus now Shari!


Stranded 11-23-2016


Toco is a 16 pound Atlantic green juvenile that was found entangled in fishing line with the rod still attached. The fishing line was wrapped so tightly around his right front flipper, that the flipper could not be saved. While undergoing surgery at Gladys Porter Zoo, several Fibropapilloma tumors were also removed.

Toco is being treated with antibiotics, fluids, vitamin B and laser therapy treatments at the amputation site. He has recovered well from the surgery and is out of ICU and recovering in an outdoor rehabilitation tank.

December Update:  Toco's sutures were removed on 12/10. The area appears to be healing well. Toco is receiving cold laser therapy and has been eating well. He is swimming with PJ, Jet, and Key.

January 7, 2017 Update: Toco had surgery at the Gladys Porter Zoo today!!! He is tumor free! He will continue to receive cold laser therapy.