Rehabilitated Sea Turtle Release

2014-10-17 release,ts-1

Our latest release was on Friday, Oct. 17. Four sea turtles — three juvenile Atlantic greens and Al, a sub-adult loggerhead — were released from the beach at Isla Blanca Park, near the jetties. Loggerheads will migrate up and down the coast close to shore. So the location of this release was chosen specifically for Al. The young greens are found in the Laguna Madre and on the ocean side of South Padre Island, so releasing near the jetties allows them to choose which way they wish to go.

Careful consideration is given to each turtle when we plan their release. We factor in their age, size, and species to choose the best habitat for them to find the two most important things for survival: food and protection from predators. All of our released turtles are give microchip tags, so if they are found again by anyone, a record can be made. Because of tags and emerging research, each year the marine science world learns more and more about these wonderful creatures. We keep abreast of the latest discoveries and talk to leading experts in the field of sea turtles to ensure we are giving each turtle its best chance for surviving in the wild!