Recognition Corner : Students

By Kat Lillie

As we raise money for our new building, we are touched by the generous donations from sea turtle lovers all over the world, especially from students. It gives Sea Turtle, Inc. such hope to see children of all ages coming together to support sea turtles. The future of sea turtles depends on the effort everyone puts in to protect them. Children in school today will determine how the turtles do tomorrow.

We have recently received many generous donations from schools all over the country. Everything from adoptions to seat plaques to capital donations, these students have shown such enthusiasm and love for our cause — we couldn’t be more thrilled. Although we could write an entire newsletter dedicated to stories of kids who care, we have pulled out a couple stories that touched our hearts.

E. B. Reyna Elementary School Green Club in La Joya, TX decided they wanted to do “something that would not only make a difference in the community but would leave a lasting impression for years to come. “ They raised money the help with our capital campaign and donated a total of $718.14 to the new building. The check was presented to Sea Turtle, Inc. educators during a presentation at their school. Thanks E.B. Reyna Green Club!

Crownover Middle School in Corinth, TX heard about Sea Turtle, Inc. from their teacher, Mrs. Simmons. The 7th grade science students created a group called “Friends of the Sea Turtles” where they created an outdoor learning field trip for upcoming classes, designed a t-shirt to gather support and sold wrist bands for 100% profit to be given to Sea Turtle, Inc. They raised $460 with their wristband sales! WOW!