Stranded: 5-5-2017

Released: 06-13-2017


qtip2 Q-tip is a 7.5 lb juvenile Atlantic green. Q-tip was found in the high tide line near the Isla Blanca Jetties here on South Padre Island. Q-tip has a shark bite wound that is visible on both the carapace and plastron! The shark bite is not fresh though, it was already healing when the turtle arrived at our facility. Q-tip received a course of antibiotics and is now receiving cold laser therapy three times weekly which helps promote wound healing.

May 18, 2017:  Since arriving at our hospital, Q-tip has been eating well and has great energy. He is sharing a tank with other non-FP juvenile greens.

Potential release date: summer 2017

Q-tip carapace clean 5.5.17