Stranded 9/11/2016


PJ ispj and tumors an Atlantic green juvenile found at the Isla Blanca jetties, entangled in fishing net, which had attached itself to the itself to the huge Fibropapilloma tumor at the lower end of his plastron. PJ will be transported to the Gladys Porter Zoo for CO2 laser surgery to remove the tumors.

October update: PJ had all tumors removed on the 10/5 with the exception of the large tumor on his left rear flipper. The tumor extended very deep into the tissue surrounding the flipper bones. It was  decided to wait on removing that large mass. It is very likely that the flipper will need to be amputated.

P.J. is recovering well from the initial surgery.

November update:  P.J. had the large tumor at the base of the right rear flipper removed on 11/9 and!!!! in was NOT necessary to amputate! The 'root' of the tumor went deep and Dr. Tom of the GPZ thinks that he got it all, but we will be monitoring PJ closely for tumor re-growth.  PJ is now tumor-free except for the eye tumors, which will be addressed at a later date. PJ is recovering in ICU. PJ is on a 4% diet (fed 4% of his weight) and is being fed twice daily.

December update: PJ is gaining weight and has had some tumors removed around eyes. He is swimming with buds Jet, Key, and Toco.

January update: PJ should be headed back to surgery soon. January 31: PJ had additional tumors removed on 1/31.

February 14, update: PJ is finishing up a course of antibiotics administered since his last surgery. He is gaining weight. He stranded at 19.8 lbs and had some large tumors removed. As of this date, he weighs 21.5 lbs.

March 22, update:PJ is doing well, still gaining weight., but on 3/20, some tumor regrowth was noted. He will scheduled back in for surgery soon.

April 20, update: PJ had mores surgery on 4/13. He still has some tumors on his eyes. In spite of in and out surgeries, he is eating well and has gained weight!!! Up to 24.1 lbs.

May 18, update: PJ is now at 25.5 lbs, but is still facing more surgery.