pepperoniStranded 04-14-2017

Pepperoni is a 41 lb juvenile Atlantic green with fibropapilloma (FP) tumors on the eyes and the body. The cause of the fibropapilloma virus is still unknown, but researchers believe it may be linked to pollution. The FP virus causes tumors to grow on sea turtles. These tumors are benign, but they can be indirectly fatal by growing on the eyes which renders the turtles blind. FP tumors can also make it easier for turtles to get entangled and slows them down when they are trying to get away from predators.  Pepperoni was caught on hook and line in the Laguna Madre Bay. Fortunately, there was no sign of hook trauma. Pepperoni is in great body condition and is starting to show interest in food. Pepperoni underwent the first of multiple surgeries to have the FP tumors removed on 5/18/17. Pepperoni is recovering well from the surgery and will be ready for a second round of surgery soon.
Potential release date: unknown