Stranded 11/29/2013

Olive is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. She was found floating in the Long Island Village area near Port Isabel. She was most likely struck by a boat propeller. She has damage to her left eye as well as several slices to her carapace (top shell). Additionally she is missing a chunk from the side of her shell. Her injuries are very severe and she is in critical condition.

January Update: Olive's injuries continue to improve. She recently was our first patient to use a special wound V.A.C. system which applies negative pressure to her shell wound to encourage faster healing. She is able to swim in water but is still not eating on her own. She is still in serious condition but we do expect her to make a full recovery.

February Update: The wound V.A.C. system was taken off and the shell is healing nicely. She continues to recover in ICU.

April Update: Olive has been moved to a rehabilitation tank outside. We hope to release her in the Fall of 2014.

Released 9/22/2014