Nicholas Moore

NicholasMooreThe Pennsylvania State University


            My name is Nicholas Moore and I am originally from rural, northwestern Pennsylvania. I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in May of 2014 with a Bachelors in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. After graduating I decided that I wanted to travel the United States while doing various internships. I drove the length of the country from Pennsylvania to California and back multiple times and stopped in each state on the way.

             I spent nine months in San Francisco, California working for the National Park Service through Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy as an intern on a trail crew. I spent much of that time in the redwoods and on the beaches of California. I also volunteered with The Marine Mammal Center assisting with the rescue and rehabilitation of several species of seals and sea lions. After California, I spent four months in Palmer, Alaska helping out at the Musk Ox Farm as the farm's winter intern. I enjoy working with animals and especially enjoyed volunteering with TMMC. I found rehabilitation work to be incredibly rewarding. I attended a few releases and it is amazing to watch an animal go back to the wild. I am very thrilled to get the opportunity to intern at Sea Turtle Inc. and look forward to helping a new group of marine species.

            When not working, writing or drawing/paining, I enjoy doing anything outside. I am particularly found of photography and especially enjoy photographing mountains.

            My favorite sea turtle, although it is very hard to choose, is the Leatherback. I have always found them fascinating, especially when it comes to how they can regulate their body temperature. They also grow to be huge! Not as large as the Northern Elephant Seals I worked with, but larger than a Musk Ox and that is saying a lot!