New Website!

abstract ridley logoHowdy folks! Welcome to Sea Turtle, Inc’s newly designed website! 2012 is our 35th anniversary year & we could not be happier with how its going!  Our nesting season was full of record breaking numbers of nests and species;  69 Kemp’s ridley, 2 Atlantic green, and 1 loggerhead nest.  We’ve also had record attendance coming through our facility for the summer months! We are very thrilled that more people are taking an interest in protecting our oceans and saving the sea turtles! . We think Ila, the turtle lady, would be very proud!

With that in mind, we decided that our website needed a little face lift. It has all the content of our old website with lots of new features! Some of these include a complete photo gallery, a new membership program, updated education information, a sea turtle staff blog, updates on current patients, information about human threats to sea turtles, and a survey so you can help us improve our facility and programs!!

Please take the time to look around and check us out! If you have any questions or need help, please CONTACT US. We appreciate all the support! We couldn’t have done it without you!