Stranded 10/02/2016


natalia january 2017This adorable post-hatchling Kemp's ridley was found 10-02-2016 in the surf between county beach access 5 and 6, an apparent victim of a predator attack. Natalia weighs in at 130 grams, a little more than a quarter pound. She is missing her front right flipper along with portions of both of her rear flippers. Because Natalia is missing 50% of her flippers, she will be non-releasable and will serve as an ambassador for the Kemp's ridley species. Click here to watch Natalia being fed.

November Update: Mid-month, Natalia passed pieces of a balloon. Boo!!!! On the positive side, Natalia is eating well and has good energy. She struggles to ‘dive’ an inch or two to get food, but she is able to eat on her own without having to be fed with hemostats.

December Update: Growing and very active, but still struggling with diving. Still adorable too!

January Update: Up to 11.2 ounces!!! When she came in she was under 4 ounces. She will be reaching a pound soon!!! So wonderful to watch her grow. Still struggling with diving though.