Stranded 5/29/2015

 Mitch is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found by a member of the US coast guard. He has a very large wound on his plastron and carapace (top and bottom shell). Due to the shape of the wound, we believe it was most likely caused by a shark. Mitch's wounds are severe and he is being monitored in our ICU where he is on antibiotics, fluids, and is taken to the Gladys Porter Zoo for laser therapy every 3 days.

August Update: Mitch's wounds are healing at an incredible rate thanks to his laser treatment! An x-ray has also revealed a broken front flipper. We have bandaged the flipper in hopes to immobilize the bone and encourage it to heal.

Mitch continues to recover at Sea Turtle, Inc. He has been moved to an outside rehabilitation tank.

December Update: Mitch's front left flipper did not respond well to the bandage and is still fractured. He continues to recover in a rehabilitation tank. We expect him to make a full recovery after some time to let the flipper heal fully.

March Update:We are so proud of Mitch. He is beautiful and swimming well. We will be saying good bye to Mitch later this month, and how we will miss him!  Picture provided by a visitor, Crystal Pena. Note how well the wound has healed!  mitchBecome a member to watch Mitch swim on our underwater camera!

                                                                Released 4/6/2016