Stranded: 12-19-2016


Milagro was found by Sea Turtle, Inc staff member Dave Wilson in the grass adjacent to our parking lot. He had been there for some time as his body temperature was very low. Milagro means miracle in Spanish because it is a miracle that this juvenile Atlantic green survived! The turtle also has an old boat strike that is visible at the back part of the shell.  Boat strikes often cause buoyancy issues in sea turtles, and unfortunately, that is the case with Milagro. When a boat strikes a turtle, it creates an air pocket inside the shell that cannot be removed. To make the turtle as comfortable as possible, we adhere lead dive weights to the shell in an attempt to 'even' the turtle out so it is not as buoyant.

January update: Milagro is eating well! Also, a weight was added to Milagro's carapace to help him dive.

February update: Milagro is gaining weight, but still has buoyancy issues. Milagro has been moved to a tank with a gang of smaller, non-FP, Atlantic greens.

March update: Still working with Milagro and his buoyancy issues. He continues to gain weight.

April update: Same as last month!

May update: A few STI staff members and volunteers have been working together to create a weighted vest for Milagro (in lieu of attaching dive weights to carapace). This is because the dive weights, which are adhered to the shell via marine epoxy and super glue, fall off after a few weeks time. The weighted vest will also make it much easier to add/remove weights as needed.