Stranded: 12/19/2016


Milagro was found by staff worker Dave Wilson in the grass adjacent to our parking lot. He had been there for some time as his body temperature was very low. Milagro is our Christmas miracle Atlantic green juvenile. He also has an old boat strike at the caudal end of the carapace.  We will continue to monitor his diving to see if he will require a dive weight.

January 18, Update:  Milagro is eating well!!! Also, a weight was added to Milagro's carapace to help him dive.

February 14, Update: Milagro is gaining weight, but still has buoyancy issues. Milagro has been moved to the tank with the gang of smaller, no FP, Atlantic greens.

March 22, Update: Still working with Milagro and his buoyancy issues. He continues to gain weight.

April 20, Update:  Same as last month!

May 2017 Update:  Bill Hoenes, board member, volunteer and long time patron, has been  working on a weight vest (in lieu of attaching dive weights to carapace); We will keep Milagro weight-free for now.