Stranded 9/25/2015

 Meatball is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found on the beach, completely entangled in a mess of onion sac, rope, and plastic. The rope was wrapped around both of his flippers and neck. He has a deep laceration on his neck and his front left flipper was severed around the shoulder. His left flipper was amputated by the Gladys Porter Zoo. Additionally, his right front flipper is fractured. He is currently being monitored in our ICU. He is critical condition.

October Update: After 3 weeks in a cast, Meatball is making a great recovery! Her fractured flipper has healed and she has been moved outside into rehabilitation tank 1!

December Update: Meatball is recovering well. She needs some more time to get used to swimming without her front left flipper, but is very strong.

March Update: Meatball is swimming stronger and playing with Mitch and Lizz. We are hoping she will be released with her playmates later this month!  Become a member to watch Meatball swim on our underwater webcam!

Released 4/6/2016