Lady Jack


Stranded 6/20/2013

Lady Jack was found in the Laguna Madre by a group of fishermen. She had a large hook embedded in her lower beak. Her beak and face were heavily scarred and scabbed over from the hook rubbing against it. Her left front flipper was entangled in part of the rig attached to the hook and she had a small scar on the joint. She has trouble moving the flipper.

Update: Lady Jack's beak is healing well, but she still does not move her front flipper. She was moved into a rehabilitation tank to get more exercise and use her flipper more.

Update: Lady Jack was taken to the Gladys Porter Zoo vet  on 8/10 for an x-ray of her front flipper. It seems that part of her humerus bone is not there. We believe that she has a marine bacteria that may be attacking and eating her bones. We will do several biopsies to better understand the nature of the bacteria. She has been moved to a smaller quarantine tank.

Update: Repeat x-ray was done on 9/9/2013, no improvement or change.

Update: 10/1/2013 Blood work came back with no abnormalities. She is starting to use her front flipper. She will be moved to a bigger tank

Update: 10/10/2013: Lady Jack will be released by the end of October

Released 10/21/2013