Lady Bug

Lady-BugStranded 1/14/2013

Lady Bug was found on Boca Chica beach at the mouth of the Rio Grande by Border Patrol Agents. Her injuries were similar to those of Tobianne's. She had a fractured skull and her upper jaw was broken due to an impact, most likely caused by a boat. Unfortunately, the trauma of the impact caused her eye to come out of the socket and it was not able to be saved. Lady Bug underwent surgery to remove the remnants of the eyeball and some bone fragment as well.  Her release status is still unknown.

Update 5/25/2013: Lady Bug is recovering very well and was moved to a deep water rehabilitation tank! She seems to be adapting very well to having one eye and we believe (pending veterinary evaluation) that she will be released! Below is an updated picture of her eye!

September Update: Lady Bug is having some trouble competing with other turtles and eating. She will need further evaluation before being considered for release.

October Update: Lady Bug is doing well and has been cleared for release.

Released 11/2/2013 Lady-Bug-2