Stranded 11/16/2016

Released 4/28/2017


Key is an 11.6 pound Atlantic green that was found 1/2 mile north of beach access 5. Key has a large FP tumor on the left side of her neck and smaller tumors on her flippers. We started Key on fluids, Vitamin B, iron and antibiotics, and we have sent blood samples off for testing. For now, she is in an FP rehabiltation tank with PJ, Toco and Jet.

December Update: Key is doing great! Eating well, high energy. He too should be ready for tumor removal soon!

January 7, Update: Key had surgery today...and his body is  tumor free!!!!, but there is still a need for some eye surgery.

February Update: Key is healing, and gaining weight. He is at 13.3 pounds. He is still on weekly iron injections and will be scheduled for eye surgery in the future.

March 8, Update: I get to use my favorite words....Key is FP free after a successful eye surgery!

April 20, Update: Going home on April 28!!!! Love those words!