kenai in poolStranded: 12-13-2016


Kenai was found by Mica and Hazel visiting from Kenai, Alaska on December 13, about 9 miles north of the center. Kenai is a 13.7 juvenile Kemp's ridley.  Blood tests are normal, but a radiograph did show some lung issues. We are running further diagnostics.

January 2, Update: Kenai is being closely monitored. He has intermittent appetite and buoyancy issues. Kenai is in ICU.

February 14, Update: Kenai was started back on antibiotics due to potential oral infection; both corners of his mouth were hot pink on 2/4. By Valentines' day, much less pink!!!  Kenai has been eating on his own for over a week now. He is still being treated with Vitamin B injections to stimulate his appetite, and is still in ICU.  Members can watch Kenai at