Stranded 05-06-2017

Released: 06-13-2017


20170506JAG02-CM pic 2 Kaisou

Kaisou is a 6 lb non-FP Atlantic green that was trapped in the rocks at the jetties. Kaisou's body is in good condition, but the turtle had a persistent cloacal prolapse upon arrival to Sea Turtle, Inc. Prolapses are a common issue in stranded turtles; it is a stress induced response where the tissue inside the cloaca starts to push out. Usually this condition resolves once turtles are put back in water, however Kaisou's prolapse did not immediately resolve. After several weeks of laser therapy and anti-inflammatories, the prolapse is looking much better! Because the prolapse is healing nicely, Kaisou was taken out of isolation and joined other non-FP juvenile greens in one of our display tanks.

Fun fact: "Kaisou" is Japanese for seaweed, which is what green sea turtles eat!
Potential release date: summer 2017