Stranded 11/02/2016

Released 03/30/2017


Juniper is a small (3.4 lb) and beautiful  juvenile Atlantic green that was found on Boca Chica beach, languishing in the surf. Juniper had no apparent visible injuries, but after a few days here, passed small pieces of plastic, and then, a 9 inch balloon. Juniper also has elevated white blood cells, which could indicate an infection. We have started Juniper on antibiotics.

November UpdateJuniper tested positive for the parasite Caryospora and was started on a new antibiotic. We will be doing fecals until they are parasite free. On the plus side, Juniper has a great appetite and high energy!

December Update:  We are waiting on a second fecal test, but we are thinking she is parasite free! Juniper is swimming with Sunshine, Rhino and Barber. They are adorable together!

February Update: Juniper is so beautiful. Up to 7.1 pounds, more than twice her weight since stranding!!! She is now swimming with Cole and Barracuda...she was getting a little rowdy in the tank with the other smaller greens.