JosieStranded 2/1/2013

Josie was found on Boca Chica Beach by the same volunteers who found Wolf! She has a severe impact wound on her head and carapace (top shell). Her eyeball was popping out of the socket, her skull and shell were severely fractured. She was too weak to undergo any type of surgery, so we had to bandage up her wounds and wait. Luckily, after the swelling in her head went down, the eyeball re-positioned itself on its own and it does not look like it has any permanent damage!! She remains in ICU where her bandages are changed every 2-3 days. Although her wounds are healing, it will be a long road for Josie. The fractures are slow healing and she has to be force fed because she cannot swim in deep water. We are hoping for her quick recovery!

Update 6/10/2013: Josie is eating on her own and has been moved to a deep water rehabilitation tank. Her shell has healed beautifully but is still weak. Her release date has not been determined yet.

July Update: Josie has made an amazing recovery and was recently cleared for release!

Released 7/27/2013