Stranded 10/19/2016jet


Jet is a ten pound juvenile Atlantic green that was found halfway up the jetties at Isla Blanca on the gulf side. He was emaciated and had fishing line around both front flippers and fishing line coming out of his mouth. Jet has Fibropapilloma tumors all over his ventral (belly) side. Initial X-rays did not show a swallowed hook.

November Update:  It was decided to give Jet more time to recover before tackling his FP tumors. We need him to be stronger and heavier before surgery. Jet is now on a 4% diet and is being fed twice a day. Blood tests and fecal analyses are being completed.

December Update:    Jet has added weight, 1.2 lbs, or a little over 10% of his total body weight. He is now at 10.9 lbs. We are hoping to start removing tumors soon.

January 7, Update:    Jet had surgery today. Jet's eyes have tumors encroaching on both corneas, Dr. Tom removed the bulk of the eye tumors, but there is still tumor tissue present. Jet also had tumors removed from his left front flipper quadrant. Jet will be re-evaluated after he has healed from this surgery.

February 14, Update: Jet had more tumors removed on 2/9, but he still has tumors on his lower body and his eyes still have tumor tissue present. Jet's right front flipper has been wrapped in a compression wrap since surgery, to staunch bleeding. We are treating Jet with antibiotics and fluids as well as iron injections.

March 08, Update: Jet faced his 3rd surgery today, with the tumors near the left rear flipper being removed. Due to Jet's excessive bleeding after surgery, it was decided that they would perform surgery one quadrant at a time. Jet will be going back for more surgeries.