Stranded 11/20/2014

Ivy is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. She was found on the beach, embedded in the sand. It is possible that she was the victim of a vehicle impact but the cause of her injuries are unknown. She does not have use of her front left flipper and it is swollen. X-rays show that she has a large fracture right near her shoulder joint. These types of breaks are difficult to heal. Ivy is resting in an ICU area away from public display so that we can keep her still and give her flipper a rest.

January Update: Ivy is starting to eat but remains in ICU. A large puncture wound leading to the fracture is being treated for an infection. We are still hopeful that Ivy's flipper will eventually heal to full functionality.

February Update:   Ivy's fracture is not healing as well as we hoped. Unfortunately, the decision was made to amputate her flipper. She is currently recovering from surgery.

Stranded 5/6/2015