How to attend a hatchling release

Hatchling info!
We have been receiving tons of questions about the hatchlings and releases.

baby ridley

Here is some information about public hatchling releases:
The nests are in a protected corral, and our staff is monitoring their progress as they hatch. At the moment we have one nest that is in the process of emerging out of their shells and one that is in the process of "pipping" which means they are just starting to poke through the egg shell.

Hatching is a slower process than one might think, and it can take several days before they are ready to head to the ocean.
Each night, around 10 p.m. our staff takes a close look at the hatching process and tries to estimate when the hatchlings will be ready to hit the beach and the open blue ocean. This is a tricky process, and the hatchlings ultimately decide when they are ready to be on the move, which is known as a "frenzy."

Sometimes, the hatchlings will frenzy at night, and when that happens, staff releases them and the release is not open to the public.

But, other times, the hatchlings frenzy right before dawn. When they frenzy in the morning, a public hatchling release is called, and everyone is invited to attend.

The public releases are held at 7 a.m. at County Beach Access #3, about half a mile north of Sea Turtle, Inc.

With all of that said, public hatchling releases are announced fairly last minute. But we are trying as hard as we can to keep everyone updated.

The absolute best way to be notified of a hatchling release is to become a member!Members get emails and text messages when the releases are happening.

Another way is to watch our Facebook page closely, and visit our timeline, instead of waiting for it to appear in your feed.