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Sea Turtle, Inc is dependent on donations to fund our mission. Because Sea Turtle, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C)(3), your contributions are tax deductible. We thank you for your support!

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Sea Turtle, Inc. would like to thank:


Green Mountain Energy granted $30,000 to Sea Turtle, Inc. to install solar "turtle friendly" lights on the drive to our new facility! With their help we are hoping to set a new precedence of eco-friendly lighting on South Padre Island!

Padre Island Brewing Company here on South Padre Island brewed a special "Kemp's Ridley Bock" where twenty five cents of every pint sold was donated to Sea Turtle, Inc.! We'd like to especially thank Mark Hagenmiller, the brewmaster, for his love and support of sea turtles!

Independent Pool & Spa Association (IPPSA) donated their time & money to update our very outdated filtration system. Members of the association traveled from as far as Washington State to volunteer for the week. Additionally they put a lot of hours into soliciting donations for the equipment needed!

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund granted $12,000 toward the 2012 Sea Turtle, Inc. Internship Program. Wow! Thank you so much!

The Travel Lodge of South Padre Island for donating a streaming video feed, camera and the high speed internet to run the camera. This new fantastic device was installed free of charge by Jerry Wilson of

The Hilton Garden Inn of South Padre Island for donating the use of their venue to hold this year's fundraiser. The Hilton also donated all food and beverages for the event. With their help we had the best fundraiser ever! Thank you!

The Jeffrey "Yappo" Boruff Memorial Fund recently donated in memory of Jeff who was very active in the Kemp's ridley bi-national project. This donation will go toward intern scholarships.

Shady Oak Christian School in Richmond Texas: The 2nd and 3rd grade classes became "mini-experts" on the Kemp's ridley sea turtle and hosted a Fun Run to raise money for the turtles. They were able to raise $3,322.77! They are sponsoring tank #1 for 5 years and sponsoring a nest and resident for one year!

Travis Elementary (Houston, TX) First Grade Classes of Ms. French, Ms. Harrington, & Ms. Key: The students raised $1,015.07 by selling hand made ceramics and were able to adopt 3 nests and donate toward 20 resident sea turtle adoptions!


Ms. Graham's Greatest Fourth Grade Class of Vestavia Hills, AL. The class sponsored several residents & hatchlings this year! Thanks for your help guys!





We consider all our supporters to be turtle-tastic folks! Thank you so much!