Upgrade of Existing Facilty

crowded gift shop

Our Gift Shop gets very snug rather quickly. We have only 500-square-feet for merchandise, storage, turtle tanks, and a restroom.

Our current facility houses all of our public viewing areas, rehabilitation tanks, a gift shop and sea turtle Intensive Care Unit (in the same room), our nesting patrol ATVs, our staff office, and storage for our gift shop. Our facilities are overcrowded for our visitors and our sea turtle patients. An upgrade of our facility would include moving the current primary gift shop to the Educational Center, building a full Veterinary Clinic, Intern Housing, and a secondary gift shop to fund our sea turtle rehabilitation work. 

With the growing populations of both humans and sea turtles in the Rio Grande Valley, the number of stranded sea turtles due to human impacts is increasing each year. Currently, our turtles are taken off-site to do x-rays and major surgeries. This trip is time consuming for our employees and stressful for our turtle patients. An upgrade to our existing facility would include construction of a full intensive care unit and vet clinic. The clinic will be equipped with x-ray facilities, a surgical unit, and climate controlled medical storage areas.  This would potentially lower stress levels of our turtle patients and improve their rate of recovery. 

In 2012, Sea Turtle, Inc. celebrated 10 years of partnership with US Fish and Wildlife in patrolling the beaches of South Padre Island and Boca Chica for nesting female Kemp's ridley sea turtles. Sea Turtle, Inc. is financially responsible for the Kemp's ridley nesting conservation efforts for approximately 50 miles of beach between the Mansfield Jetties and the Rio Grande. Each year, we hire 8 interns to assist with these summer patrols. The interns come from all over the world to learn about sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation. They assist with all the operations of Sea Turtle, Inc. from patrolling to education. Currently, the interns are housed in FEMA trailers in an off-sight location due to lack of any type of living quarters at our facility. The trailers must be brought in every year, cleaned, space rented for them, and hauled away during any risk of a tropical storm or hurricane. A permanent dormitory for the interns would improve their living conditions during their stay, keep them safe in the event of severe weather, and save the organization money on rent and utilities in the long run. 

Personalization Opportunities

Construction and Outfitting of the medical clinic: $200,000 — $100,000 over 2-year period

Rehabilitation of existing facility including secondary gift shop and coffee shop: $100,000 — $50,000 over 2-year period

Construction of gender-separate dormitories and bathrooms: $120,00 — $60,000 over 2-year period

Annual Intern Sponsorship:  8 internships at $3500 each

Total Estimated costs of Facility Upgrade: $420,000

Upgrade of Facility


 Help transform our current rehabilitation center  into a modern, updated sea turtle hospital. 






Keep up with our recovering patients in our new medical clinic and rehabilitation ward. 






Support our vision to be a world leader in sea turtle recovery and education!


Please Help Us Renovate Our Rehab Center (Current Facility) !

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