Opportunities for Personalization, and Memorials

Sea Turtle, Inc. Capital Campaign Donation Opportunities

Your contributions to our Capital Campaign will allow us to better serve our sea turtles and visitors. We strive to improve the conditions of our recovering and resident sea turtles and further contribute to the conservation of sea turtle populations worldwide. By increasing our visitor capacity, we will be able to increase educational programs which guide people to understand and want to help improve our marine environment. For any questions about our expansions or information about donations, please contact Jeff George (jeff.george@seaturtleinc.org).

Personalization Opportunities


Amphitheater personalized seat plaques: 234 seats at $200 each (147 currently subscribed)

Turtle Friendly Amber Solar Lights for Nature Walk:  New offering as of 3/2017. 25 lights at $300 each. (1 currently subscribed.)

Personalized Guardian Ceramic Turtles: 100 turtles at $400 each (95 currently subscribed)

Annual Intern Sponsorship:  8 internships at $3,500 each* (5 currently subscribed)

Nest Over the Lagoon:   New offering as of 3/2017 - 5 Nests at $1,000 each (Sold out!!!)

Nature Walk personalized benches: 10 benches at $2,000 each (Sold out!!!)


*If you are interested in sponsoring an internship or an aerial bid nest, please contact Sanjuana Zavala  (sanjuana.zavala@seaturtleinc.org).