Educational Center

Sea Turtle, Inc. Educational Center

In 2015, Sea Turtle, Inc. welcomed more than 120,000 visitors. 8,000 of those visitors were groups of school children and teachers. Additionally, Sea Turtle, Inc. hosts countless children from Scouts, day cares, nature camps, and children's homes across the United States. Our current facilities limit us in the number of children we are able to take in each group and prohibit us from hosting many special programs. Our second summer of Sea Turtle Camp was so successful that we had a waiting list for almost every session. Education is one of the most powerful tools we can utilize as a conservation organization. A larger, modern Educational Center would allow us to cater to the growing interest in sea turtle conservation and provide the facilities to hold special events and programs to better uphold our mission.

Personalization Opportunities

Educational Facility Building: $500,000 over a 4-year period

Fitted-out classroom facility: $25,000

Wetland Observation deck: $10,000

Individual Educational Displays: $80,000 — 8 displays at $5 to 10,000 each

Total Estimated costs of Education Center: $1.2 million

If you are interested in making a donation to Sea Turtle, Inc.'s capital campaign, please donate to our online campaign to raise the Educational Center.




   Take a trip to South Padre and learn about ocean conservation in our 4,000 sq ft educational facility!




Participate in merit badge programs, summer camps, or schedule your own special presentation in our new classroom fitted-out facility!



Education Center and Nature Walk



 Use our updated educational displays to compliment your students' learning goals or simply to further your own knowledge!


Please Help Us Build the New Facility!

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