Amphitheater and Tanks

Sea Turtle, Inc. Amphitheater and Tanks

Adjacent to our new Educational Center will be a 234 person amphitheater where we will hold large group presentations for the general public, schools, and other interested groups. The amphitheater will be stadium seating & fitted with an audio-visual theater system to provide top quality experiences for our listeners. Next to the Amphitheater, we will have large holding tanks for our resident, non-releasable sea turtles. Our featured tank will hold our famous one-flippered sea turtle, Allison, while she wears the world's first sea turtle prosthesis. Additionally, a  marine life touch tank will give people the opportunities to touch rays, sea stars, and other non-endangered wildlife. 

Personalization Opportunities

Amphitheater construction: $150,000 over 2 year period (currently subscribed) Children's marine life touch tank: $25,000 Allison's Featured Turtle Tank: $25,000 (currently subscribed) Other individual tanks: $60,000 — 3 tanks at $20,000/each Life support system: $100,000 over 2 year period Audio-visual theater system: $25,000 Amphitheater personalized seat plaques: 234 seats at $200/each (50 currently subscribed) Allison's Walkway personalized bricks: 500 bricks at $125/each. (348 currently subscribed) Total Estimated Costs of Amphitheater and Tanks: $800,000   Amphitheater


Sit in on a presentation and learn about how we fulfill our mission of sea turtle conservation, rehabilitation, and public education!




Watch our famous one-flippered sea turtle, Allison, swim with the world's first sea turtle prosthesis.


building with tanks

Check out our non-releasable turtles in their brand new habitat tanks! 


Please Help Us Build the New Facility!

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