Tank Adoption

Adopt a Sea Turtle Tank!




For a one time donation you will be helping maintain the living environment of a hospital patient, rehabilitated or resident sea turtle. Maintaining our tanks takes a lot of effort and funding. Tanks must be filtered 24/7, cleaned every day, water quality must be monitored, and pipes must be cleaned and replaced when needed. Our tank adoption program helps offset the operating costs of our facility and helps us maintain our sea turtles in the safest and healthiest environment possible.



Tank Sponsorship includes: 

A plaque with your name placed on the tank for visitors to see!

Adoption Certificate

Photo Magnet

A Letter about the sea turtles in your tank

A Sea Turtle, Inc. Sticker

Information Brochures



See the Image Below for Current Tank Sponsors!

















** If you are interested in sponsoring a sea turtle tank, please e-mail kat.lillie@nullseaturtleinc.org**