Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest

Help support the Kemp's ridley sea turtle Nest Conservation Program!

Sea Turtle Nest Adoptions help fund the sea turtle patrols and nest conservation here on South Padre Island! Our organization manages the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nest conservation for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Each summer, we patrol a 32-mile stretch of the island and Boca Chica beach for nesting sea turtles and relocate the nests to a protective corral. The hatchlings are protected from high tide, predators and vehicle traffic while incubating in the corral. They are released into the ocean as soon as they hatch.

Adoption Packets include the following information (this packet is mailed after your purchase)
Nest Adoption Certificate

Information on our Facility

Sea Turtle, Inc. Sticker

Surprise Gift!

At the end of nesting season, you will receive a follow-up packet including:

Nest Data Sheet about YOUR Nest

End of Season Wrap-up

Photo Magnet of a Nest

All sponsor names for 2017 will be listed on the charts found here.

New this year! All sponsor names will be recognized on our corral.

 If you are interested in adopting a 2018 Season nest please CLICK HERE