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Sea Turtle Nest and Hatchling Adoptions help fund the sea turtle patrols and nest conservation here on South Padre Island! Our organization manages the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nest conservation for the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Each summer we patrol the island for nesting sea turtles and relocate the nests to a protective corral. The hatchlings are protected from high tide, predators and vehicle traffic and then are released as soon as they hatch.

Sea Turtle Resident Adoptions help to feed and medicate one of our 5 resident sea turtles.

We listed all 2016 sea turtle sponsors below. Thank you for your support!

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2016 Nest Sponsors



2016 Nest Data and Sponsors List




2016 Hatchling Sponsors


** 867 hatchlings were adopted in 2016! Thank you for your support **


2016 Hatchling Sponsors List


2016 Hatchling Sponsors List





Adopt a Resident

 2016 Resident Sponsors



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