Hanna Bauer


University of Portland

My name is Hanna Bauer from Portland, Oregon. Last May I graduated from the University of Portland with a Biology major. It wasn't until my final semester that I took a marine course and realized that ocean organisms and conservation are a passion. I spent a summer working for the Bureau of Land Management in Dillon, Montana as a botanist. I did not successfully learn how to fly-fish or lasso a calf, despite some efforts, but I did enjoy hiking all day and working to conserve sensitive species. Once the season was over I spent two months in Southeast Asia, where I completed my scuba certification and realized I wish I could be underwater looking a reefs all the time. In my spare time I like to hike, ski, read, be in the water, and eat french fries.

I'd hate to play favorites but if I had to pick my favorite sea turtle is a green for no real reason other than color and Finding Nemo.