Guardrail Turtles are on Display!

art-space-turtlesmThe uniquely designed Guardrail Turtle dedications are now adorning Turtle Drive!

Turtle Drive is the new road on the north side of our existing building, which will eventually lead to our new Education Center, Gift Shop, Amphitheater, and tanks.

For a one-time sponsorship you too can create a ceramic turtle for all visitors to see!

We only have space for 100 turtles, so the opportunity is limited. The funds from these sponsorships will go toward building our new facility — and construction should begin by the end of this year!

This special offer is possible thanks to ArtSpace, who will oversee the making of each guardrail turtle.

Be creative!

The possibilities of decoration are practically unlimited! Design your turtle to be realistic or abstract… it is all up to you! A fun family idea might be each member designs a flipper and together the family customizes the body.

To design, you will spend an afternoon with the staff at ArtSpace painting your turtle. They can help you choose amongst their wide selection of paints and glazes.

After your turtle is complete, ArtSpace staff will glaze it, then it is off to Sea Turtle, Inc.

Once on Turtle Drive, a plaque with a personalized message of your choice will accompany your ceramic turtle creation.

Make your contribution double!

Now, thanks to a generous donor, all Capital Campaign donations are matched! Your contribution of $400 for a Guardrail Turtle will be matched with another $400, totaling $800 to help us build an education center and larger tanks for our sea turtles.

Please email Megan Chilcutt at to reserve your commemorative ceramic guardrail turtle before all 100 have been claimed!